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If you’re a person who wants to enjoy an active lifestyle at every age, we have the product for you. Visualize your unique respiratory profile with just one inspiratory breath, and monitor your progress as you tune your exercise program – or use pro2 app-guided breathing exercises to accelerate your path to optimal respiratory-health in just 6 – 8 weeks.

Imagine having the stamina for golfing, hiking, cycling, walking and sex that you had years ago.  Our Pro2 series brings this dream to reality because its rooted in the proven science of skeletal muscle training. Trainers know that when a muscle is exercised at 80% of its capacity until fatigued, new muscle grows rapidly and repeating this every other day for 6-8 weeks will bring renewed energy to your life.

Although there is no fountain of youth, we believe this may be the best kept secret in health and wellness, as we are unaware of any other guided exercise program, done sitting down, that has shown such a significant impact on reducing breathlessness during exercise in under 8 weeks.  (Reference – UK Covid Trial results video – 45 minutes)

PrO2 Series

The Pro2 Series devices let users visualize their respiratory performance profile, with key metrics, with just a single inspiratory breath. One key metric is our patented “FIT” (Fatigue Index Test) score which is fast becoming the single-breath standard for respiratory health. Typical FIT scores are shown below:
    • FIT = 28 for a long-COVID patient after 7 weeks in UK trial
    • FIT = 165 for an NBA professional basketball player
    • FIT = 80 for a College Rugby player and our 60+ CEO who trained with PrO2 Series
Pro2 Series devices link to Android and iOS mobile devices providing a constant load throughout each inspiratory breath while displaying the pressure and respiratory muscle effort exerted in real-time on the companion mobile app. Sports and fitness-minded users learn how their current exercise and training regimes impacts their respiratory profile and metrics, and the healthcare community has come to value both the visual profile and metrics to gain insights into how patients with chronic respiratory conditions are responding to treatment plans.

Why we focus on Respiratory Health

Reason #1: Few of us know how our respiratory reserves compare to others and now, more than ever, we want to have tools to see changes in our respiratory health.
Reason #2: Nothing in our medicine-cabinet tests our Respiratory Endurance
Reason #3: We can now get a visual snapshot of our respiratory profile with one breath
Pro2 displays your unique profile and metrics, and boosts respiratory efficiency and your FIT score. Our users report that they can bike faster, walk further, and run and skate faster and longer before becoming breathless.

PrO2Health Mobile App

1. Single Breath Profile
2. App-Guided Live Training
3. Customize your App

PrO2 Series Training Protocol

Protocol guides user to perform training until fatigued as follows:
    • 6 inspiratory breaths per set
    • 6 sets with successively shorter rest intervals

PrO2 Specs

PrO2 Series Device

  • Battery –450 mAH LiPo certified to IEC62133
  • Charging
    1. Inductive charging: Qi compatible
    2. USB charging
  • Data Communications
    1. USB data for healthcare facility use with pc
    2. Bluetooth 5 with AES provides secure data encryption to mobile device
    3. HIPAA compliant secure data communications
  • Pressure sensing
    1. Factory calibrated waterproof pressure sensor maintains accuracy for lifetime
    2. Automated production fixture verifies calibration against NIST certified standard
  • Resisted Breath – Measurements captured with user inspiring air through 2mm diameter orifice in mouthpiece
  • Display:
    1. All metrics displayed on mobile app
    2. 2-line OLED display optional on some models
  • Regulatory Compliance
    1. CE Mark
    2. FCC part 15 Certified
    3. IEC60601-1- 1, IEC60601-1- 2, IEC60601-1-11, IEC62133

PrO2 Series System with app

  • Single-Breath Inspiratory Data
    1. Real-Time Visual Respiratory Profile
    2. Fatigue Index Test (FIT) score – Ratiometric score with greater value indicating ability to sustain higher level of exercise before running out of breath.
    3. Power – SI units representing Energy expended during a single breath
    4. Maximum Inspiratory Pressure – Peak pressure in 1st second of inspiratory breath
    5. Time – Inspiratory time for each breath
  • Mobile Device Support
    1. Apple iOS
    2. Android
    3. Windows 10
  • Mobile Device Data Security
    1. USB data for healthcare facility use with Windows 10 PC
      • HIPAA compliant PC utility to ensure patient privacy
    2. Bluetooth 5 with AES provides secure data encryption to Pro2 device
    3. HIPAA compliant secure data communications


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